Baby Seat Taxi Melbourne

Travelling requires a lot of patience and can be mentally exhausting, especially if you are going with young children. They are energetic, hard to control and need a lot of attention. Furthermore, babies are fragile and can end up getting hurt easily which is why specific safety measures need to be taken.

Unfortunately, in Melbourne, there are very few baby seat taxis available. This is the main reason why parents bring their own baby seats. Another option is to make use of your lap, but this method is not safe and can result in harming a child. Furthermore, carrying the seat around and taking care of all your other stuff at the same time is quite a hassle. Instead of relaxing and taking in the beautiful scenery of Melbourne you become more concerned about your things. As a result, the vacation ends up getting ruined.

Laws regarding Child Seat taxi Melbourne:

Australia has strict laws regarding the safety of children while traveling. According to it:

  1. Children below the age of 12 months are not allowed to travel in taxis until or unless they are strapped in an approved child seat.
  2. Children over the age of 12 months are allowed to travel in a taxi as long as they wear a seat belt and sit in the back. However, it is better if you still make use of a child seat.
  3. Violation of the age limit and rules will result in the taxi driver getting fined.

Our Child Car Taxi Melbourne Service:

Seeing the predicament of the parents, we decided to launch our very own child seat taxi service in Melbourne.

  • Child seats are only available upon request. Please inform us about it during the booking process.
  • Our Drivers are given training regarding the installation of baby seats.
  • For the safety of children, we instruct our drivers to drive with extreme caution and at an appropriate speed.
  • All of our vehicles, i.e., Taxi, Van, SUV, and Sedan, etc. come with the option of children seats. Just inform us, and we will get it installed instantly.
  • A unique feature of our service is that you can avail it any time anywhere. All you have to do is contact us, and we will take care of the rest.
  • Children’s safety is our primary concern which is why we only buy the best quality approved children seats. The harness serves the purposes of a seat belt and ensures that a child will not fall out of his or her position.
  • You are also allowed to bring your baby seats with you and install it in our taxi.

Our child seat service Melbourne is the best. Currently, we cover Tullamarine, Essendon, Moorabbin, Avalon Airports. Our drivers are always on time and will provide excellent service. So, what are you waiting for? Book a ride quickly and avail our outstanding baby seat services Melbourne. Our taxi service will ensure that your family has a superb, peaceful, comfortable, hassle-free traveling experience.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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